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Here is where you’ll find all the latest press releases about Koelhuis Eindhoven.

erfgoedparade presents:
Foundscape Orchestra x Koelhuis Eindhoven.
The Sound of Heritage.
A unique immersive sound experience

Have you ever wondered what the giant former freezer house in Eindhoven sounds like? Now is your chance to listen to its mesmerizing melodies. The talented Foundscape Orchestra will transform the Koelhuis on Dirk Boutslaan into a living instrument, captivating your senses with their unique performance. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event on Saturday, July 22nd, and Sunday, July 23rd. 

Photo credit: Jasper Schütz

Daniel-Maalman Credit Jasper Schütz .jpg

Memor by Lumus Instruments and Dammes Kieft is Koelhuis Eindhoven’s first commissioned art production

Koelhuis Eindhoven announces its first curated original art project: the film Memor.  The short film by Dammes Kieft features a bespoke installation created at Koelhuis Eindhoven by Lumus Instruments. This exciting collaboration showcases the ability of technology to manipulate how we experience spaces and gives the audience a taste of things to come at Koelhuis.
To watch the film and read an interview with Timothy Hendrix from Lumus Instruments, click HERE


Photo credit: Nick Bookelaar

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