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Have you ever wondered what the giant former freezer house in Eindhoven sounds like? On the 22nd and 23rd of July 2023, the talented Foundscape Orchestra transformed the Koelhuis on Dirk Boutslaan into a living instrument, captivating visitors' senses with their unique and mesmerizing performance.

Foundscape Orchestra is a project by Daniel Maalman in collaboration with Jasper Schütz, Jaap Mutter, and Brit Issa Rijnen that allows visitors to experience unique buildings in an entirely new way. This art project transforms the building's features into an immersive experience, with architecture, the sound of material structures, and acoustic space playing a central role.

The building's sonic stories are narrated by an “orchestra of unconventional instruments”, including electromagnetic machines, pneumatic hammers, a robot piano, and porcelain speaker objects. Dozens of these instruments are attached to the building, operating as one cohesive live instrument. Additionally, guest musicians perform alongside the machines during the shows.

Foundscape Orchestra x Koelhuis Eindhoven - The Sound of Heritage was organized in collaboration with erfgoedparade (an initiative by VriendenLoterij and Stichting BOEi). This organization enables collaborations between artists and cultural heritage throughout the Netherlands.

Discover Koelhuis Eindhoven's unique sonic signature.

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Koelhuis Eindhoven

Koelhuis Eindhoven is the multifunctional venue emerging from the redevelopment of the decommissioned Campina freezer warehouse - an industrial heritage landmark of a former dairy industrial district. With its 6500 sqm of floor space, the building is set to become the largest venue in the Netherlands for new media art, immersive technology and contemporary culture. The building will feature a unique mix of functions thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and hybrid infrastructures, including work and meeting spaces, studios, exhibition and event facilities, conference and gathering spaces, education rooms, hospitality, and more. Koelhuis Eindhoven has made it its mission to leverage the power of immersive technologies and new media art to make complex topics accessible to large audiences.

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Studio Daniel Maalman

Daniel Maalman is a Dutch artist, composer and electronic musician who creates site-specific installations that function as experimental setups, to research the workings of sound in physical spaces, and to investigate the spatial circumstances that affect our experience of a space. With Foundscape Orchestra, Maalman regularly collaborates with other artists and makers to transform a regular space into an immersive experience. The live performance Koelhuis Eindhoven - The Sound of Heritage, was created in collaboration with Jasper Schütz, Jaap Mutter, and Brit Issa Rijnen.

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The erfgoedparade is a traveling celebration of culture, connection, and wonder at unique heritage locations. We provide theater groups, musicians, creative makers, and storytellers with space in extraordinary and spectacular places. The erfgoedparade is an initiative of VriendenLoterij and BOEi. Iconic buildings throughout the Netherlands, from former churches to factory buildings and barracks, are given new life and a new audience. Since 2022, BOEI has been working towards a new, annual manifestation. Cultural partners and heritage locations across the country find each other for a stream of new productions.

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