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Koelhuis Eindhoven

Koelhuis Eindhoven is the cultural and tech hub, focused on Immersive Experiences (IX) within the emerging Koelhuis District. The gigantic, industrial heritage building emerged from the redevelopment of the former Campina freezer warehouse. The venue will become an interdisciplinary center for new media art, immersive technologies, and contemporary culture. Its mission is to democratize arts and culture by using immersive (digital) experiences to make complex topics accessible to a wide audience.

Our mission


  • We are on a mission to become an international leading district for immersive experiences, new media art, and contemporary culture.

  • We curate a continually inspiring program that makes complex topics accessible to the masses, fosters the niche, and stimulates interdisciplinary exchange and growth.

  • We are a platform where the space and program form an intertwined ecosystem in order to provide and maintain essential infrastructure for makers, talents, and producers to experiment, work, and present.

  • We are a permanent bastion for the creative class in a rapidly gentrifying region by providing access to (large) spaces and affordable housing and workspaces.

  • We actively strengthen and contribute to the tech, arts, culture, and economic position of North Brabant and the Netherlands as a whole.

  • We foster collaboration with the existing IX network and other hubs in the region, expanding connections throughout the Netherlands and globally.

Koelhuis District Eindhoven

Koelhuis District is an ambitious urban renewal project centered around Immersive Experiences (IX), harnessing the city’s talent, and building on Eindhoven’s reputation as the design and tech capital of the Netherlands. Koelhuis District will act as a living lab where the community works on the use of immersive technologies for, amongst others, educational and artistic purposes. Within the Koelhuis District, residential facilities for technical and creative talent will be combined with indoor and outdoor spaces for work, culture, and leisure.

Website Koelhuis District Eindhoven

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Concrete Culture uses the generative power of art, culture, and technology within (historic) real estate and area developments to make a social impact, drive economic growth, strengthen communities, and combat gentrification.


Concrete Culture's flagship initiatives include Koelhuis Eindhoven (former Campina Vrieshuis) and Katoenhuis Rotterdam (a 5,500m2 former cotton warehouse in the heart of Rotterdam's Maker District (M4H). Both initiatives focus on Immersive Experiences (IX), offering communal workspaces, studios, and presentation venues that actively support creative and technical talent.


By bringing diverse artists, technologists, and makers under one roof, Concrete Culture initiatives create a space for research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences and contribute to the growth of the immersive technology sector in the Netherlands.

Website Concrete Culture

Sister venue Katoenhuis
Rotterdam’s Immersive Experience Hub


Koelhuis Eindhoven has a sister venue in Rotterdam. Katoenhuis Rotterdam is a hub for Immersive Experiences (IX) and technology in the heart of Rotterdam Makers District. Once known as the "Van Bennekum's Havenbedrijf Katoenloods”, Katoenhuis is a multifunctional space hosting artist and makers’ studios and working facilities, exhibition, and event spaces. By bringing diverse artists and makers under one roof, Katoenhuis supports makers and developers in research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences, and strengthens the development of the immersive technology sector in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. 

The two venues, Katoenhuis Rotterdam and Koelhuis Eindhoven share common values and an industrial legacy that makes the two cities ideal partners in promoting innovation and working with immersive technologies. This partnership between these two mainport regions aims to ensure that Rotterdam and Eindhoven will strengthen the Dutch immersive technology landscape while preserving its industrial legacy and securing its position as a leading hub for cutting-edge innovation and creativity internationally.

Website Katoenhuis Rotterdam 



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