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Bubble Trouble at Dutch Design Week 2023

At Dutch Design Week 2023, Koelhuis Eindhoven opened its doors for the final time in its raw, existing state, before undergoing renovation with an exhibition Bubble Trouble

“Bubble Trouble” takes the symbolic representation of the bubble—a space of comfort and sterility—to reflect on our collective tendency to isolate ourselves from uncertainties. Once a symbol of safety within our constructed realities, bubbles can have profound consequences, such as housing bubble disparities and social segregation. Yet the bubble also reminds us that when there is tension, the bubble’s fragile membrane balances on the edge of rupture. When it bursts, some outcomes are irreversible, while others may guide us toward more inclusive and sustainable communities.

As Koelhuis transforms from the former Campina freezer warehouse into a new cultural and tech hub for Immersive Experiences (IX), we take a moment to reflect on the act of making and breaking the bubbles that define our existence and our role within them. Seeking to avoid creating yet another bubble, we initiate a dialogue about preserving industrial heritage, artists' societal roles, Koelhuis Districts’ stance on gentrification, and our ambitions for affordable housing, talent retention, and urban revitalization through arts and culture. We invite you to wander through a gigantic, inflated landscape, immerse yourself in the illusion of artificial scenery, and witness live performances within the industrial heritage building. Experience the delicate balance between the comfort and fragility of our constructed bubbles, that are about to burst.


"Bubble Trouble" presents works of Elsemarijn Bruys, Sjoerd Geerts, Pepelsenkrepels (Myrthe Krepel and Nadia Pepels), and Taco Tarn Joosting Bunk.

Film credit: Convoi Films

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Featured artists:

Elsemarijn bruys photo by Lisa Schamle_e

Elsemarijn Bruys


Elsemarijn Bruys is a visual artist with a strong curiosity for sensory perception. In her hybrid practice, she alternates between making sculptures and architectural interventions, but the spatial experience is always her starting point.


Air is the main medium Bruys works with. She takes the material so seriously that she considers it her collaborator. Within her work, the air has the freedom to take its course: rectangles become round, spaces are filled and occupied, objects breathe in and out, visitors are subtly flattened and perspectives become deformed. The addition of air makes her objects performative, and the change of form it brings about is simultaneously the core of her work. 


Her work has been shown at the Van Eesteren Museum, Kunsthal KAdE, Art Rotterdam, Down The Rabbit Hole, Torrance Art Museum and the Van Gogh Museum, among others.





Pepelsenkrepels (Myrthe Krepel and Nadia Pepels) is a performance and visual arts duo. They call themselves professional players. While improvising they create imaginative worlds together, with the absurdity of the zeitgeist as inspiration.



Sjoerd Geerts


Multidisciplinary designer Sjoerd Geerts encourages the interaction between people, the spaces they inhabit, and the objects within. He creates interactive installations and unique objects, fitting for both private spaces and public settings. His work arises from thorough research and is shaped by a fluid, multidimensional mindset.


Sjoerd  initiates independent projects while also demonstrating a fondness for collaboration and assignments. He perceives these diverse work modes as mutually enriching, offering fresh insights for clients and simultaneously broadening his own creative perspective. Through these symbiotic collaborations involving clients, retailers, material suppliers, and often local manufacturers, Sjoerd creates value and quality in his work that transcends his individual thinking.



Taco Tarn Joosting Bunk


Taco Tarn Joosting Bunk is a scenographic artist, active in the music and art -industry, who turns his interests and fascinations into technical research. With a background in audiovisual media, he likes to focus on different visual forms, using space as a foothold. He strives to explore new horizons, inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, discover your creativity and let you experience it. He does this by cleverly combining art forms, themes and different forms of media by interweaving visual, auditory and interactive elements.



How do you create awareness for an emerging art institution beyond all the amazing, exhibited artworks inside? For Koelhuis Eindhoven, designed “Bubble Buzz” a site-specific façade installation, inviting visitors to the “Bubble Trouble” Exhibition during Dutch Design Week ‘23. Factorr is a creative agency using physical space as a medium for engaging multisensory storytelling that brings brands, concepts, and places to life. They are a diverse team of creatives leveraging a broad set of disciplines, backgrounds, and skills to inspire, activate, and make changes in people's hearts and minds through direct experience. Factorr is a catalyst, a maker, and a doer. ​


Photo credits: Anna Odulinska, Max Kneefel

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