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Exclusive invitation to the residents 

Come see behind the scenes of Foundscape Orchestra x Koelhuis Eindhoven:
The Sound of Heritage

Dear neighbours,

To many, the Koelhuis at Dirk Boutslaan 1 is a closed, mysterious, concrete building. Hard work has been going on for some time to give this industrial colossus back to the neighbourhood and the city,  in a new state in which the heritage of the former Campina freezer warehouse is preserved. In its current form, it will open its doors one more time when the Heritage Parade descends on 22 and 23 July with Foundscape Orchestra.

Imagine being able to listen to a building while walking around in it. Foundscape Orchestra X Koelhuis revolves around this idea. Using an electronic robotic orchestra and a collection of unique instruments made of unconventional materials, we make the architecture and interior space of the building audible and transform it into an interactive piece of music. It is an exhibition mixed with a music performance, but with objects and materials instead of people. The building becomes an instrument but functions as a concert space at the same time.

Specially for our neighbours

Look and listen behind the scenes

Koelhuis Eindhoven warmly invites you to a behind-the-scenes look at 'Foundscape Orchestra x Koelhuis Eindhoven'. During this special, free gathering for our neighbours on Saturday 22 July 2023 at 17.00, you will get to know the artists Daniel Maalman and Jasper Schütz; there will be a shortened performance played and the music art installation created especially for 'Foundscape Orchestra x Koelhuis Eindhoven' can be viewed . You can also meet Renee Scheepers, who during the transformation of Koelhuis Eindhoven and its immediate surroundings, will organise special activities to involve local residents in the renovation of the former Campina freezer warehouse and in our cultural activities.  


Book your free e-ticket for Foundscape Orchestra's behind-the-scenes neighbour tour

The number of tickets is limited and by reservation only.

Practical information:

When: Saturday 22 July at 17:00h
Where: Dirk Boutslaan 1, Eindhoven

Please note that the venue is still a construction site: we invite you to wear comfortable shoes and bear in mind that you enter the venue at your own risk.

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Koelhuis Eindhoven is turning the former Campina freezer warehouse - where the dairy manufacturer stored ice cream cakes - into the place in Eindhoven and the Netherlands for meeting and inspiration through contemporary art and new media. The building will be a centre for new media art, immersive technology and contemporary culture. It will also be a place for work, art production and events.

During the development of the Koelhuis, we value co-creation and participation. This means that we want to include the input of the surrounding area, future residents and users as much as possible to ensure that Koelhuis really becomes part of Eindhoven. It should become a nice place to live, work or stay for everyone. 

Would you like to be kept informed, both about the development itself and about any good ideas or points of interest you would like to share with us?


Updates and participation opportunities are shared via our website and (news) letters. We also post regular updates on our Instagram page @koelhuiseindhoven


Of course, you can also email us at

We look forward to shaping this beautiful, historic place in Eindhoven in the time to come. Hope to see you at Foundscape Orchestra x Koelhuis Eindhoven: The Sound of Heritage. 

Kind regards,

The team of Koelhuis Eindhoven




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