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The permanent home for new media art,
immersive technology,
and contemporary culture.

Kunst, Muziek

New Media Art


Koelhuis Eindhoven x
Dutch Design Week 2023

Two exhibitions with a selection of site–specific artworks on the ground floor and basement of Koelhuis

At Dutch Design Week 2023, Koelhuis Eindhoven opens its doors for the final time in its raw, existing state, before undergoing renovation, presenting two exhibitions “Bubble Trouble” on the ground floor and “Lichtspiel” in the basement.

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Facebook event_final.jpg

Foundscape Orchestra by Studio Maalman played Koelhuis Eindhoven

The former Campina freezer house transformed into a living instrument

On the 22nd and 23rd of July 2023, Koelhuis Eindhoven discovered its sonic signature in an immersive sound experience orchestrated by the unconventional musical mind of Daniel Maalman, in cooperation with Jasper Schütz, Jaap Mutter, and Brit Issa Rijnen. 

Memor by Dammes Kieft and Lumus Instruments at Koelhuis

The first original art project commissioned by Koelhuis Eindhoven is out

The former Campina freezing warehouse becomes the set of the short film Memor, by filmmaker Dammes Kieft and the visionary multimedia studio Lumus Instruments. We interviewed Timothy Hendriks from Lumus Instruments about the making-of and the vision behind this journey of the mind through time, perception, and memory. 

3b_Koelhuis birdview_edited.jpg

Becoming Koelhuis 

How to turn a huge industrial freezer into a lively hub for work, art, tech, and culture?

Discover the history of the monumental freezing warehouse that used to store Campina ice cream and is turning into the new permanent home of immersive technology, new media art, and contemporary culture in Eindhoven. 

In the Media

Kunst, Muziek

New Media Art


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